Friday, February 28, 2014

Coming soon - Star Falldown

Almost a year ago I started developing my first game for Android. It was a Falldown clone called Star Falldown. I decided yo use AndEngine to build the game.
Star Falldown
It's a simple game. You control a ball by tilting your phone. If the ball touches the top of the screen you lose. On your way down, to help you, there are three power ups:

  • Timer - slows down the platforms
  • Ghost - you go trough the platfroms
  • 2x - you get double points
The game includes achievements and leaderboards powered by Google Play Game Services.

The game is in beta, if you want to test it you can use the this link but first make sure you are a member of the Android Beta Testers community.

If you have any suggestions, comments or ideas to make the game better leave a comment bellow or contact me on Google+.

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