Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Star Falldown released

Almost a year ago, after creating a few apps for Android, I decided to make my fist game for Android. I didn't want to start from scratch so I decided to use a game engine. A friend of mine had experience with AndEngine and he recommended it.

I started experimenting with the engine and I liked how it worked. So I decided to make a game with it. I decided to make a Falldown clone. While I was making the game, the game evolved. I also took breaks to work on other projects.

A few days ago I launched a public beta, you can find out more about that here. About 20 people tested the game and I didn't find any serious problem. I want to thank everybody who tested the game.  I'm happy with how the game looks and I decided to publish it today.

Star Falldown
You can download the game form the Play Store.

I also want to thank my friend Paul G. Lux from Portugal who made the music and helped me with the promo video.

If you like the game don't forget to rate it and/or leave a review on the Play Store.